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Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

In line with UDC’s commitment to attracting the best and brightest research talent, the university is a signatory of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.

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Academic staff

The University of A Coruña is home to over 1,600 teachers and researchers working across different areas of knowledge, from the arts, humanities and social and legal sciences, to health sciences, science, engineering and architecture.

Academic staff

Technology Park

As part of its commitment to progress and innovation, the University of A Coruña has established a technology park as an R&D&I hub for businesses. The park is a dual-campus complex comprising research centres in both Elviña and Ferrol, and is supported by both public and private sector bodies. The aim of the project is to continue to facilitate direct contact between university researchers and private companies.

Centre for Building and Civil Engineering Technology (CITEEC)

Centre for Information and Communications Technology Research (CITIC) 

Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (CICA)

Centre for Technological Research (CIT)